Maintenance and Repair


Maintenance and Repair

  • Accurately measure crankcase pressure while the engine is running.

  • Maximize engine runtime before rebuild.

  • Better diagnose causes of excess crankcase pressure.

  • Test blowby fixes before putting the vehicle back on the road.

Every engine produces some amount of blowby, especially heavy-duty engines under serious loads. But how much blowby is too much? J-TEC’s blow by meter can give a mechanic a look inside an engine while running and under load, giving a measurement that is more accurate than a compression or leak-down test. This not only helps the technician diagnose potential piston, ring, or cylinder issues, but also track down alternate causes of blowby like vacuum leaks, worn valve guides, or clogged crankcase ventilation systems. Most importantly, measuring blowby can help determine remaining engine life and lessen downtime from costly engine rebuilds.

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