J-TEC Associates is awarded PRI Global Media Award for the HBM453 Flow Meter. The award was selected by Jorge Koechlin , Auto Mundo: Peru.

The HBM453 was selected for its self-contained, easy to use operation, and applicability to be incorporated for use in many auto shops.

The Performance Racing Industry (PRI) Trade Show has announced the list of winners for its inaugural Global Media Awards Program, which was held in conjunction with the Featured Products Showcase (FPS) at PRI 2018 in Indianapolis, Indiana, December 6-8.

With the help of an esteemed panel of international journalists, The Global Media Awards highlighted products in the FPS with exceptional international appeal. The judges each represented an international race publication from around the world, which included the United Kingdom, Peru, Canada, Brazil, Australia and Asia.

The journalists were tasked with identifying and discovering new products that are likely to succeed in their home countries and continents. Exhibitors who were selected in the program may find a strong interest for their products outside the US.

Judges included Ben Potter of Pit Talk Asia, Bruce Williams of Auto Action (Australia), Luke Nieuwhof of Drag News (Australia), Eduardo Bernasconi of Fullpower (Brazil), Greg MacPherson of Inside Track Motorsports News (Canada), Jorge Koechlin of Auto Mundo (Peru), and William Kimberley of Race Tech (United Kingdom).