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Military Tank Crosswind Sensor

military crosswind sensorCrosswind Sensors are critical components of the fire control system on military battle tanks. Wind speed and direction are measured to improve the accuracy of the cannon.

J-TEC’s patented and proven flow measurement technology was applied to sensing crosswind for the tank fire control systems in the early 1980’s. The crosswind sensors developed then, and manufactured by J-TEC since 1981, use a vortex sensing method that is immune to dust and moisture, which are prevalent in a battlefield environment.

The rugged construction of J-TEC Crosswind Sensors have been proven in the severe environments found on military battlefields. The simplicity of the J-TEC Sensor helps to minimize its purchase and maintenance cost. J-TEC Crosswind Sensors were proven to be superior to older technologies that used hot wire and ion drift technologies. The fragile nature of the hot wire sensors and the tendency for ion drift designs to be adversely affected by dust and humidity make these sensing methods unsuitable for battlefield conditions.

By the mid 1980’s, J-TEC’s Crosswind Sensor had met all design and test requirements and was approved for use on the M-1 Abrams Tank. Within a few years, it became the only crosswind sensor used on new M1A2 tanks built by General Dynamics, as well as in various programs upgrading the fire control systems on M48 and M60 tanks in several countries friendly to the United States.

Our Crosswind Sensor continues to be a vital part of the fire control system on new M1A2 tanks and on upgrade programs for M-1’s and other U.S.-built tanks. It is also used on new and upgraded wheeled vehicle programs with a large-bore cannon, offered by prime contractors in the defense industry.