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About J-TEC

Handheld Engine Blow By Flow MeterLocated in the heartland community of Cedar Rapids, Iowa, J-TEC has been providing vortex flow meters and sensors for automotive, military, industrial  and mining applications since 1968.

J-TEC’s first development efforts resulted in a technique for measuring ocean currents and an anemometer for the National Data Buoy Program to aid in weather forecasting.  This invention of a unique and proprietary technology has formed the basis of the principal products of the company and led J-TEC into various flow measurement markets.

J-TEC developed and perfected the detection of vortex shedding through ultrasonic sensing in 1968.  An ultrasonic beam, located downstream from a small strut, is transmitted through the vortex pattern.

As the vortices travel through the beam, they modulate its carrier wave.  This signal is processed electronically, providing a very accurate reading of the flow rate.  Because the number of vortices formed is directly proportional to the rate of flow, this technology provides a highly accurate and extremely useful method to determine flow in a wide range of applications.  Founders:  Theodore Johnson and Robert Joy.

Using this technology, J-TEC provides a variety of flow meters for your internal combustion engine testing and other requirements.